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Deaf Youth Today 

Deaf Youth Today

Deaf Youth Today (DYT) is FNDC’s summer social/recreational program providing language-rich (American Sign Language) social/recreational experiences for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in B.C. Our DYT program fosters inclusion in a Deaf-friendly environment and encourages social connections. With the mentorship of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing young adults as staff, we model problem-solving skills, leadership, resiliency, and self-advocacy so Deaf and Hard of Hearing children will become empowered.


DYT also offers a Leadership in Training (LIT) program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens. The LIT program provides the same outcomes as our children’s program. Additionally, it focuses on leadership training, independence, life skills and pre-work skill building that leads to work readiness and/or employment opportunities with our DYT program.


The DYT program is for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth.

Summer Camps

Our DYT Summer camps offer children ages 5 to 15 the opportunity to build confidence, connect with others, and stay active. Week-long or Day-long camps are available from July through August. 

Many of our summer camps operate at Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (PDHHS) and throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Participating campers will experience a week of traditional day-camp fun, with more than 90 minutes of physical activity daily, Play it Fair games, arts & crafts, literacy activities, water games, a theme day and specialty programming.

All camps are for Deaf and Hard of Hearing campers. 

Leadership in Training

DYT Leadership in Training (LIT) provides a unique opportunity that combines the excitement of a camp experience with hands-on leadership opportunities. LIT participants will engage in a blend of camp activities while taking on leadership roles and volunteering with younger campers as LIT leaders.


Mentored by our dedicated Deaf staff and leaders, LITs will develop valuable leadership skills. Through this program, participants will embark on a journey toward becoming future leaders equipped with confidence, empathy, and a passion for serving others.


Join us for an enriching experience shaping your leadership potential and creating lasting memories with DYT.


If you're interested in applying for this program, a short application, including a video submission, is required.

Language Policy 


DYT is proud to be B.C.’s sole provider of American Sign Language (ASL) immersion summer camp experiences for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth.

Camps/programs will be run in ASL: DYT’s staff and Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth participating in DYT’s Leadership in Training (LIT) program will sign at all times. 

DYT's staff and LIT will encourage children and youth to sign at all times to the best of their ability. Respect for ASL is important for everyone.

Campers who are ASL language learners will be supported to embrace ASL in a natural way, immersed in a fun and interactive setting. 

If you have any questions about DYT's Language Policy, please contact DYT.

Financial Assistance 

DYT's financial assistance process to enhance accessibility for all families attending our camp. As our camp grows, we're committed to more effectively meeting the diverse needs of our community. DYT aims to ensure the camp's long-term stability while extending support to more families.

One-to-One Inclusion Support 

An Inclusion Support Worker (ISW)* provides one-to-one inclusion support to a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child or youth with additional support needs participating in a DYT camp or program.

*Inclusion Support Workers were previously known as Personal Support Workers (PSW)

Apply for ISW
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Program's Health and Safety

DYT has a safety plan for all our staff and our day camps (outdoor activities) while following guidelines from municipalities, WorkSafeBC, the Provincial Health Officer, and other recreation organizations.

Check the safety precautions on our website so you can be confident in our safety procedures. 

Outreach Families

Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (PDHHS) has houses available to book at no cost to families that would like to stay in Burnaby while their child attends a DYT camp. If you would like to book a house, please contact PDHHS at

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