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About Deaf Youth Today

Deaf Youth Today (DYT), is FNDC’s summer social/recreational program providing language-rich (American Sign Language), social/recreational experiences for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children in B.C.  Through our DYT program, we foster inclusion in a Deaf-friendly environment, encourage social connections and with the mentorship of our Deaf & Hard of Hearing young adults as staff, we model problem-solving skills, leadership, resiliency, and self-advocacy so DHH children will become empowered.


DYT also offers a Counsellor in Training (CIT) program for DHH teens.  The CIT program provides the same outcomes as our children’s program but additionally focus on leadership training, independence, life skills and pre-work skill building that leads to work readiness and/or employment opportunities with our DYT program.  


The DYT program is for DHH children/youth that feel comfortable in an ASL environment or are interested in learning to sign.

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