Family Network for Deaf Children Membership



All FNDC membership expire on June 30, 2020 We decided to change our membership dates to coincide with our

Summer DYT Program. It’s that time of year for FNDC memberships (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021).

Our Board of Directors feel that families benefit greatly from our low cost Deaf Youth Today summer programs

and all the information and articles we keep you up to date on. For this reason, becoming a member of FNDC

shows your belief in our organization, is valued and vital.


As a non-profit society, we are required to have formal memberships. Membership lets us know that you believe in what

we are doing for deaf and hard of hearing children, youth and their families in British Columbia!


FNDC has been the catalyst to many of the changes and services that families currently receive and benefit from. We

continue to "inform and educate" by writing letters, consulting and information sharing to ensure that deaf/hard of hearing

children and their families have access to sign language classes, counselling, family support, better TV/movie theatre

captioning & government videos, Video Relay Services, improved literacy, the right to qualified interpreters, post

secondary opportunities. The list is endless (and the work ongoing) when it comes to access and inclusion for our deaf

and hard of hearing children!


Your membership says you believe in what we are doing and is an indicator that you support us! FNDC’s

Summer Program: Deaf Youth Today (DYT) provides social/recreational programs for deaf children, leadership

opportunities for deaf youth and is the leading employer of deaf students during the summer months.


We keep our costs to a minimum by working from home offices, sharing a FNDC cellphone and applying for grants to

employ deaf students as DYT summer staff. We do this because we believe that parents make huge financial sacrifices

(ie gas costs, significant travel time, time off work) driving your children daily to attend our DYT Summer Program. Your

membership fees and donations help us with the costs incurred in website maintenance, workshop planning, newsletter

production and our DYT Summer Program.


We are extremely grateful for donations. If you wish to receive our newsletter and ongoing email updates please make

sure that you add to your "safe sender’s list" and email address book.


To pay online:


Thank you for your continued support!


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