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ASL Medical Information Regarding COVID-19

for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children, Youth, and Families

ASL Medical Clinic in B.C.

TEMPORARY ASL Medical Clinic with a Deaf Doctor in B.C. (Skype/facetime). Dr. Jessica Nertomb (Dunkley) is offering a temporary ASL Medical Virtual Clinic where you can make online appointments and meet with Dr. Nertomb via Skype or FaceTime for your medical needs or if you have any questions related to COVID-19.  This temporary clinic was established to provide virtual medical care to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This service is ONLY available to BC residents with a CareCard.  Book appointments at or follow her on Facebook. ​

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Well-Being Program & COVID-19 Updates

The Well-Being Program (WBP) provides Mental Health Services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deaf-Blind people throughout the province of British Columbia. On this website, you will find information about WBP and its services.

Also, WBP maybe should also be on your learning tab because they recently have posted lots of more kids friendly videos with helpful learning suggestions for parents. 


Coronavirus Explained in ASL for Preschool

Deaf Children's Society of British Columbia Preschool made ASL Video on Coronavirus. 


Coronavirus Explained by a Deaf Doctor


Source: DPAN.TV. ASL interview by DPAN founder Sean Forbes with Dr. Michael McKee.

Dr.Mckee VLOG Screen Shot.png

What do I do if I suspect I have coronavirus

Source: DPAN.TV. Interview with Nicole Moran, a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communications Coordinator for WellSpan Health.

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ASL: Facts about the Coronavirus/COVID-19

Source: UNICEF.  This video conveys information about the virus and how it spreads. For older children, adults.

Screen Shot of  ASL_ Facts about the Cor

ASL: Coronavirus: Did you know?


Source: ASL Services/GlobalVRS. This video includes videos from the CDC. For older children, adults.

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ASL:  Deaf in Scrubs


Get up-to-date medical and scientific knowledge in American Sign Language from Zach Featherstone, DO, and Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, MPH, MD-PhD Candidate. The information presented here does not reflect the opinions of the authors' respective institutions. View this page on FaceBook.

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ASL:  Partners in Deaf Health on FaceBook


Partners in Deaf Health is aware of the vital importance of informing the Deaf community about community health, which, historically, has not been readily accessible to Deaf people who communicate in American Sign Language (ASL).

CLICK ON VIDEOS to see several COVID-19 related videos

Screen shot of Partners in Deaf Health..

ASL:  Partners in Deaf Health on FaceBook


A children's guide to Coronavirus, presented in ASL by Utah Schools for the Deaf ASL/English Specialist, Sandy Scott. This video is for Deaf elementary kids to give them the information they might not be getting through TV and news. The information is delivered in a way they will understand and hopefully it will calm

Utah Schools for the Deaf.png

ASL:  My School is Close...


The Learning Center for the Deaf made a visual story about the Coronavirus and a community effort to stay healthy!


Credit: Tori Wilson & Laura Novotny, Teachers for the Social Story; Ashley Thompson, for the ASL version.

The Learning Center for the Deaf.png

Wash your Hands

ASL video on handwashing

Wash your Hands.png

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 ASL

ASL Video Series on COVID-19

CDC COVID-19.png

COVID-19 Test - in ASL

Dr. Jessica Nertomb VLOG about COVID-19 Test.

COVID-19 Test in ASL.png

COVID-19, Deaf/ASL Community & Hospitalization

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, going to the hospital for COVID-19 can be scary. How do you understand when everyone has masks and you can't lipread? What is "respiratory isolation?". This webinar will teach you about these issues and how to get around them. 


Communicating With Medical Personnel During Coronavirus

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more and more deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind people are concerned about communicating with doctors, nurses, and others at the hospital. 


8-1-1 Health Line substitute

To call 8-1-1 Healthline using VRS or TTY - call 1-888-709-2929 

In a medical emergency, always call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department. 


BC Centre for Disease Control - COVID-19 ASL 

BCCDC did a series of ASL Video about COVID-19.

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