Our FNDC newsletters are in PDF format. 

To read these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF-compliant software to view newsletters.

The newsletters may take a few minutes to load, so be patient!

For more information about how to download Adobe (ADOBE LOGO), or save your newsletter, please scroll down to bottom of this page.

How To View and Download FNDC Newsletters using Adobe Acrobat Reader

As newsletters are published, they will be sent to you via email. When you open the newsletter email, you will find an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the newsletter attached to the email. You can view or download the newsletter PDF in the same way you would handle any other file attached to an email message. If you are having difficulties, please review the information below.

If you have problems with Adobe Acrobat:


To get a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Your FNDC newsletter may be viewed and printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat by clicking on the following link:

Get Adobe Reader

To view your electronic newsletter

You may view the newsletter by double clicking the file attachment (in most email programs) or by opening/running the newsletter PDF as you would any other file attachment. This opens the newsletter in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are not able to open the PDF (either it isn’t attached or it doesn’t open properly), follow the instructions provided in the email to link to the newsletter.

To save a copy of your electronic newsletter

You may save the newsletter PDF directly from the newsletter email by using the “Save Attachment” option in your email program. Alternatively, after opening the newsletter PDF, you can use the “File – Save As” functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To print a copy of the newsletter

Open the newsletter PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader and use the File – Print functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader.