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Inclusion Support with DYT

What is an Inclusion Support Worker?

An Inclusion Support Worker (ISW)* provides one-to-one inclusion support to a Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) child or youth with additional support needs who is participating in a Deaf Youth Today (DYT) camp or program.

*Inclusion Support Workers were previously known as Personal Support Workers (PSW)

Application Process for an Inclusion Support Worker

  1. The parent or guardian completes the One-to-One Inclusion Support Application form. Applications must be submitted by May 15, 2024.

  2. DYT contacts the parent or guardian to set up an intake meeting, which allows staff to learn more about the child or youth and their specific support needs.

  3. DYT searches for an ISW with the necessary skills, qualifications, and ASL fluency to safely support the child or youth.

  4. Upon completing all intake meetings, DYT staff will create a schedule to maximize ISW availability and meet the needs of as many DHH children/youth as possible.

  5. DYT staff informs the parent or guardian if a suitable ISW has been found and confirms the DHH child/youth’s registration.

Additional Information 

  • DYT will fund ISWs for DHH children/youth requiring one-to-one inclusion support who don’t already have access to existing funding (ie: Autism funding, Jordan’s Principle)

  • To maintain a suitable camp environment, DYT strives to balance the adult to child ratio while accommodating as many DHH children/youth as possible.

  • Parent/guardian may recommend ISW candidates to DYT by submitting an Inclusion Support Worker Application form.

  • The Deaf Kids Overnight ASL Camp experience is quite different from DYT's other day camps/programs and may not be suitable for all children/youth. Parents/guardians should contact DYT as early as possible to determine if overnight camp would be a good fit for their child(ren) and to allow DYT sufficient time to determine if the child/youth can be safely supported during all aspects of overnight camp.

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