About FNDC

Family Network for Deaf Children (FNDC) is a parent run, non-profit, charitable organization supporting families with deaf and hard of hearing children & youth that use sign language or are interested in learning sign language. Even though technology and methodology have changed over the years, we seek the wisdom of parents, professionals and Deaf/Hard of Hearing adults so that common themes of access, equity and a sense of belonging continue to be highlighted in areas such as: social/recreation, leadership, education, employment, general services and community involvement.

about DYT

Deaf Youth Today (DYT), is FNDC’s summer social/recreational program and is committed to providing language-rich social/recreational experiences and leadership opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing children/youth in British Columbia. The DYT program is for deaf and hard of hearing children that feel comfortable in a signing environment or are interested in learning!

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Family Network for Deaf Children 
Deaf Youth Today (our Summer & Teen Leadership Program)

PO Box 50075, South Slope RPO
Burnaby, B.C. V5J 5G3
Cell: 604-684-1860


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