COVID-19 and

DYT Summer Programs

Due to the Current COVID-19 status, DYT has decided to release some Parent FAQ’s regarding Virtual Programming for our Summer Camp Programs.  It is true that COVID-19 has let to a constantly shifting environment, and that good things (Vaccine development) and bad things (new outbreaks) are all possible.  DYT promises to keep open communication and planning with our summer 2020 programs. Your children are our top priority, and we are passionately committed to serving you and offering a safe environment for your child this summer whether that is in our traditional in-person camps or a new virtual camp format. 

Frequently asked questions

What Role do parents play? Is it independent learning?

This depends on the comfort level of your child with technology and their ability to work independently. Doing workshops over video can be challenging for younger ages but you know your children best. As a general guideline parents should be present or close by with younger ages to help provide the best experience.

Are Virtual Camps all day long?

Virtual Camps will be offered in timeslots. Time slots will be scheduled based on the program content and age of the campers. Virtual Camps will be a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 2 hours per session.

Do you offer Refunds?

DYT virtual camp refunds will align with the DYT regular camp programs except for in the case of a CAMP-IN-A-BOX week in which packages will be mailed out a minimum of one week prior. Refunds will be offered for these programs on a situation basis and parents can contact for information on late refunds. Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19 our camp attendance will be limited on numbers, and we will be accepting significantly lower then normal camper numbers. We ask that you are committed to attending the virtual session due to these circumstances. DYT refund policy: If you withdraw from a program the Thursday prior to the start date (Monday) of the next week’s camp, we will refund your money. If you don’t show up to the program, we cannot offer a refund because we have booked our staff (and programs) based on the number of children registered. Please be considerate as our fees are heavily subsidized so last minute dropouts affect us financially (loss of program fee, extra staff still need to be paid, program/bus has been booked). If your child is dismissed/expelled from a program, we cannot offer refunds. In cases of extenuating circumstances, we will offer refunds.

What equipment do you need?

Access to a computer or laptop, PC or MAC is fine with a webcam. Mobile Devices such as Iphone, ipad, tablets are also acceptable but could be more challenging for viewing the session. DYT does not want any camper to not attend camp due to technology and equipment needs. If you need to borrow a device from DYT please contact for information on our lending program. DYT will only be able to lend equipment with a minimum 2 weeks notice or required items. You will need to download the ZOOM app on your technology equipment: To make camp as accessible as possible, we ask that you arrange for: A. A working high speed-internet connection B. A webcam (most laptops have it built in) C. A laptop/desktop D. A quiet/distraction-free environment (a separate space with a closeable door is best, but any quiet area where campers wont’ be distracted by others. Each Virtual Camp is going to be specially planned to meet the campers needs. Campers participating in “Camp in a box” week or “Surprise Week” will receive a Camper box with all necessary items for camp. Camper might be asked to provide some basic supplies that can be found in the home which could include: Scissors, tape, pencils and crayons/felts. All equipment requirements will be expressed in the registration package and follow up email. The fee for the Camper boxes is included in the registration fee.

How much parental involvement is required during the Virtual Sessions?

Some parental involvement may be required based on the child’s age and skill level. It is important that parents are present to check in with the campers. It is important that the campers are the ones who are actively participating in the program. Parents are encouraged to assist with any technical issues or support needs if they occur.

Are Virtual Programs in real time or will they be pre recorded?

DYT is going to be offering both “live” virtual programs and some pre-recorded programs. There will be live programs where everyone participates online, at a scheduled time, together with a DYT Mentor and/or a DYT Instructor. In addition to our weekly programs: DYT is also hoping to provide some fun pre-recorded activity options for DYT Campers to participate in from home.

How long will a Virtual Program run?

Camp in a Box Weeks will be Monday to Friday each week (average 1.5 hours per day) Speciality Programs will run once a week over a 4-6 week period (1 hour per day)

Scheduling and Attendance

What if my child misses a day? It is not mandatory for campers to attend every session, but it is highly recommended.

What does an online camp actually look like?

A virtual summer camp is an all-online endeavor where your child will work on fun projects together with his or her peers from all across the province during the course of a week or weekly basis. Each week or program will be individually planned and scheduled including equipment preparation.

Who guides the instruction online? Is there a Camp Mentor?

We are proud of our team of DYT staff mentors and facilitators that will lead these Camp Programs. Each of our staff have a passion to work with children and share their individual talents with your children. At certain times, DYT will hire a specialized staff that will lead a specialized program for your children. Our goal is to hire Deaf Specialists to lead these programs, but in the case we can not hire a Deaf specialist we will hire an interpreter to work with a hired Facilitator.
Each program will be assigned a minimum of 2 DYT Staff mentors to lead and support the session, as well as some specialized staff will be collaborating with DYT to offer specialized programs.

How do we get our supplies or boxes for CAMP-IN-A-BOX? Are they safe?

Each Family will have 3 options for supply delivery for CAMP IN A BOX 1. DYT will set up a designated time and location for families to pick up their child’s CAMP box. All COVID-19 safety regulations will be followed during pick up. Families will be confirmed or assigned times for pick-up. Multiple options will be given. 2. Families can request drop off to their home if they are unable to pick up their CAMP box. Families that live within a 40 km radius to Burnaby (PDHHS) are eligible for drop off if needed. 3. DYT will mail your CAMP box directly to you. All families living outside of the lower mainland will have their boxes mailed directly to them. Please ensure you have registered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to camp to confirm you will receive your box on time. **Please note: We are asking lower mainland families to please do their best to avoid mailing option. **All CAMP-IN-A-BOX items will be packed using COVID-19 guidelines and safety regulations.