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FNDC offers our email updates and newsletter via email for free to anyone that wishes to subscribe or – that always remains the same. FNDC Membership is different than being on our mailing list. Membership tells us that you believe in what we are doing, and that you want to support the existence of our organization. Membership is valuable to us, but again, not necessary for you to receive email updates and our newsletter. We will always keep you on our mailing lists (until you decide to unsubscribe).

There was a time, many years ago that membership was required to attend workshops, receive our newsletter and register your child in our summer program. We have removed the barrier of membership in lieu of having a mailing list – in order to provide better access to information for all people who wish to be informed of our events and community activities. As a non-profit society registered in B.C. , we are required to have formal memberships AND membership is very important to us for a variety of reasons!

FNDC attends many meetings bringing forth the ever-changing needs of deaf children and their families to decision-makers. Examples would be: FNDC working for many years to ensure that families have the opportunity for sign language classes for free, writing letters to improving captioning on television and in movie theatres, better services for deaf youth with additional special needs, the right to qualified interpreters in the education system etc. We continue to work towards improving access for deaf children, youth and their families. Your membership says you believe in what we are doing.

As you can imagine there is a huge cost to creating our newsletter (manpower, technical support, printing, sending via email etc.), email updates, website maintenance and workshop planning. We pride ourselves on keeping families, and the communities that support them, throughout B.C. informed and up-to-date on resources and items of interest. Your membership fees help us with all those costs. Our Deaf Youth Today (DYT) program offers leadership opportunities to deaf youth and social/recreational programs for deaf children. As well, we are one of the leading employers of deaf youth during the summer months. When FNDC requests grants (ie Gaming Money), they want to know how many members we have. Your membership is very important to the DYT program. By paying your membership, it is a belief in what we are doing, and an indicator that you continue to support us. As well, we are always extremely grateful for donations. It is virtually impossible for parents around BC to help us fundraise, so any donation to our programs would be very welcome!

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